Tube baits work great year-round and work best on those days when nothing else seems to work. Pick yourself up a package of tube jigs, preferably a small variety in size and color, grab either some lead-head jig-heads or some 3/0 – 5/0 offset straight-shank hooks, depending on the size tubes you bought that is; […]

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Posted by | Published on 24 Oct 2011

[WATCH]: soft bait building Pouring rubber worms 101

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Simple method to handpour your own inexpensive soft plastic fishing lures at home using a microwave.

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Worm dip instantly changes the color of soft plastic baits to give you near limitless possibilities. Quick-Coat Worm Dip has a penetrating finish that dries in seconds. Colors can be mixed to make your own custom colors! Create custom colors, save money and catch more fish!

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