There are actually a variety of fly fishing reels in the market which can give anglers differ options on how fast they can and would want to bring the line in. the most common and simplest fly reels is using a single action reel that will turn the spool in a certain direct ratio while […]

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Posted by | Published on 31 Oct 2011

soft baits A Selection of Trout Fishing Bait

This is about the selection of effective bait, including the live bait, original things that is imitated as a lure as well as other baits that a trout could not resist. Some of these baits can be obtained in local bait and tackle stores, while others are home-made which you can customized to your fishing […]

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Posted by | Published on 19 Oct 2011

fly fishing Fly Fishing Reel Basics

Fly fishing reels are simple devices, much simpler than spinning reels for example, but fly fishing is so shrouded in tradition and mystery that nothing seems simple to the newcomer. Most fly reels serve only one purpose, to hold the fly line and any extra line called “backing.” That’s it, just holding the line. You […]

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