Did you know that when it comes to catching trout, fishing at the most opportune times is probably the most important thing that you can do? Many trout anglers don’t pay attention to when they’re fishing, and stick to the old adage that the best time for fishing is “anytime you can”. While I wouldn’t […]

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wade fishing Brook Trout Fishing

Trout is the common name that is given to a number of species of freshwater fish belonging to the salmon family, Salmonidae. All fish that are properly called trout are members of the subfamily Salmoninae, but the name is used for fish from all three genera in the sub-family: Salmo, which includes Atlantic species; Oncorhynchus, […]

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Flies are the indispensable type of bait that a trout could not resist. Every fly fisherman knows that. The problem is that there is a huge amount of patterns that imitate almost every insect that suppose to be a delicious treat for the trout. At the end you might bring dozens of baits that you […]

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soft baits A Selection of Trout Fishing Bait

This is about the selection of effective bait, including the live bait, original things that is imitated as a lure as well as other baits that a trout could not resist. Some of these baits can be obtained in local bait and tackle stores, while others are home-made which you can customized to your fishing […]

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Capt. Blair takes us down to South Texas for speckled trout. Join the Mogan Militia @ www.addictivefishing.com Stay Connected @ addictivefishing.blogspot.com

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